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Delivering a great event for your clients

Posted on: Tuesday 18 December, 2018 | Filed in: Blogs

In the last two months alone we have delivered a wide range of fabulous events for our clients. These events have enabled our clients to entertain their clients! The events have included: a Black Tie Dinner for 50 guests; a seminar for 30 guests; a product launch; and the annual Castletons Christmas Party on their Drive. For each of these events, our role was to come up with the event idea and concept, research it, organise it, invite the guests and deliver the event.

The key to a great event is firstly identifying an event or activity that you know the guests will enjoy and remember. Like many things in life, the devil is in the detail – and a great event organiser will consider the intricacies of the event and will plan down to the last detail. All events should provide something different and quirky; but that doesn’t necessarily require a large budget. Our skill is in delivering events that sparkle, on a tight budget.

The day of the event is always a tough day for the event organiser. But this is when your detailed planning pays off. Our role on the day of the event is ensuring that our client can enjoy the event with their clients, knowing that we are taking care of everything. Our role therefore includes setting up the venue, liaising with suppliers, greeting the guests with a big smile and a huge welcome, ensuring the guests know others in the room and that they are well-looked after, ensuring the event runs smoothly, and finally clearing-up.

There’s a little bit of magic that goes in to organising a great event. We would love to share our magic with you. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our event organising skills –

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