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Embedding marketing into your business

Posted on: Monday 20 July, 2020 | Filed in: Blogs

So you have someone in your business responsible for marketing and you have a marketing plan. Job done then, eh? The answer is “no – not even close”. This blog looks at embedding marketing into your business.

Marketing, as a discipline, shouldn’t be sat in one corner of your office. Marketing should be evident across all elements of your business, and all staff should recognise that they have a role to play in marketing the business. They should understand what is expected of them. They should be given the tools to deliver their part of the marketing-effort. They should be congratulated when they do well, and should be held accountable when they don’t deliver what was expected of them.

For the best results, Marketing should be embedded in a company’s culture. Whether you have an in-house marketing team or you work with an external marketing consultant, they should be working closely with your finance team, operations team and human resources team.

Here we are going to focus on working with the human resources team. It’s obvious when you think about it – your people will be delivering the Marketing activities – so it makes sense that there is a need for the Marketing team and Human Resources team to work together. Firstly we need to set out to all staff what is expected of them, this should be included within their job descriptions and their objectives. Staff members should work with their line manager, and the Marketing team to identify if they require any training to enable them to deliver their part of the marketing plan. The appraisal/performance review process should also cover marketing. This ensures that staff are held accountable for whether they fulfilled their marketing objectives.

Ensuring that the Marketing team and Human Resources team are working together, ensures that the systems and processes are put in place to encourage and support staff in their marketing efforts. This helps to embed marketing into your business, and makes it part of the culture.

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