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The Mackenz-bee took flight!

Posted on: Tuesday 12 July, 2016 | Filed in: Blogs

The Mackenz-bee took flight!

Every year Wilmslow holds a Scarecrow Festival to bring colour, fun and creativity to the town centre. With local businesses and participants getting their creative juices flowing to create papier mache or straw Scarecrows, the town was soon covered with brilliant imaginative constructions sitting out on the pavements, hanging from buildings or on display in shop windows.

The theme this year was “Bees and Butterflies”, so you can see why we chose to make our six legged friend. This task was the perfect job for our apprentice Zach. He created a blueprint, a shopping list, made sure to have the display stand ready and of course made the Bee. This was a massive team effort from everyone in the office (including Nationwide Safety Surfaces who helped).

When Mackenz-bee isn’t buzzing about, he is found in our foyer and will be remaining there until around the 30th July when he has to take off and buzz to pinker pastures. But until that point, he will be staying right where he is, so feel free to bob down and take a look at our creation.
You can see exactly how Zach and the team created the Bee on our YouTube channel below:

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