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Internet marketing strategies – what are they?

Posted on: Wednesday 13 May, 2015 | Filed in: Blogs, General News

This short guide to internet marketing strategies should help you make the most of your social media, email databases and search engine optimisation. There’s plenty to get your head around, but if you implement it well then it can work wonders for raising the profile of your business and making sure customers can track you down when they search for the product/service you offer.

Is social media the most important of the internet marketing strategies?

It’s certainly an important one. It’s your shop front as well as your clients’ (and potential clients’) first point of contact with you. Using Twitter and Facebook alongside your other internet marketing strategies is a sure-fire way to win engagement if it’s done considerately. You may also want to consider the new kid on the block, Instagram, which particularly appeals to a younger demographic and is far more visual as it uses photos that have been tweaked to perfection.

Should my internet marketing strategies include mass emailing?

Mass emailing is sometimes seen as a nuisance. The key here is not only to make sure that it fits in comfortably with your internet marketing strategies but to ensure that the content you write is interesting and relevant for the audience you’re targeting. People won’t mind regular updates being sent to their email inboxes if they provide discussion on a topic that’s interesting to them or if it adds value (for example through discount offers, loyalty incentives or special events).

Which key words will win for my firm’s internet marketing strategies aims?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is another key weapon in the arsenal of your internet marketing strategies when it comes to making sure customers come to you. If you’re offering what they want, chances are they’ll be searching for it. You need to think about which words or phrases they would use. Make sure your website contains these and the search engines will do the rest. Social media plays its part here too – and if your content is engaging and creates a discussion then it is more likely to be shared by others who read it. The more times it’s shared, the further this will boost your chances.

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