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Top 5 Marketing Tips For Creating Engaging Content

Posted on: Wednesday 6 May, 2015 | Filed in: Blogs, General News

If you’re looking for marketing tips and advice on how to write engaging content for your blog or company website, your first port of call has to be a thorough research. Either know your topic inside-out or make sure you do before you start to write!

Then, start at the beginning! As marketing tips go, this may seem straightforward enough, but all too often we see writers diving in head first as though the reader knows everything there is to know about what the article has set itself out to discuss.

It’s always best to introduce the topic (even if only briefly) in order to provide some context and to make sure you’re following a ‘journey’ of some sort – whether that’s structured chronologically, numerically/alphabetically or even hierarchically.

1. You’ve done your research. You’re clear on your structure. You’ve set out the background to your topic. It’s usually best to now provide the reader with a thought provoking question or statement to get them thinking along the right lines. For instance, we’re sharing marketing tips, so we might ask you: “what specific outcome are you hoping will come from reading this article?”

2. It’s always a good idea to quote somebody knowledgeable in the industry you’re writing about too. For example, Catherine Mackenzie of Mackenzie Marketing advises: “When you’re writing your blog posts, it’s always important to get across your message succinctly and effectively.” Job done.

3. A statistic will always reinforce the point you’re trying to make, and we’re pleased to say that 100% of readers who’ve made it this far will have now noticed this most valuable of marketing tips! Well done!

4. Finally, anecdotes will add credibility and make a writer seem more personable to the reader. I bet you’ll be filled with envy to read that I’m enjoying a lovely chocolate-smothered biscuit with a steaming cup of coffee while I plan what I’m about to write next! Sorry about that, had to be done…!

5. Give it a sense of conclusion. Make sure you’ve succinctly finished whatever it is you wanted to get across, sum up your points if necessary and then provide links to further reading if appropriate.

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