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Social Media for professional service firms

Posted on: Tuesday 28 June, 2011 | Filed in: Marketing News

Whilst some Manchester professional service firms are popping a toe in the social media water, others aren’t so sure.

The leisure industry in particular is using social media well. They are using facebook and tweeting to create a following of loyal customers. These customers then very often receive deals and promotions to encourage them to visit the restaurants or bars. But how does this translate for an accountancy practice or a law firm? The answer is – with difficulty! But that doesn’t mean that such firms shouldn’t look at social media. Our advice to our clients is to prioritise their marketing activities – and if everything else is going well, then start to look at social media!

Our Clients

  • SI Sealy
  • Kuits
  • Fairway Business Finance
  • Benson Bunch
  • Surfacing Group
  • Castletons Chartered Certified Accountants
  • Talent HR & Recruitment
  • Getaway Villas
  • Thriveminds
  • Legal Works
  • Internation School of Business (ITP)
  • Renwick